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drifting-winter kriscass0: hi! ^^ I know this is a very long shot, but was wondering if you still have the banner that you did for last year's (2013) kcon. The one with the super cute fanart on it. If you do have it I would be interested to get one. =) In any case, would like to let you know its adorable and I love it! =D

Hello drifting-winter!

I actually do still have those Kris banners from KCON 2013, when I was still Kristoryy. I have like 5 left I think, but I need to find them where ever they are :o hahaha


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140824 |  Fans kept saying “Fighting!” & WYF kept saying “Thank you” & “be careful” when they were about to fall. (vía: becca)

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