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I’ll make this short and sweet! As you can see this is my first follower forever and my last! I am leaving tumblr and the reason can be found [here] And as a token for the past 4 years of being on tumblr, I decided to do this. I probably should have done this sooner, but school got in the way. Uhm, like I said before, I’ll keep it short and end with a THANK YOU! YOU ALL MADE THE PAST 4 YEARS ON TUMBLR AWESOME~

yisoa// johuns// exosshi// limitaetions// k-eopi// ohfreakingsehuns // p-tty// kriscass0// woohijo// mitsuwa// z1c// -chiish// gongjjoo// flawlesszitao// itawari// 96km// theyeoja// jasonlovesderby// theonlyju// korean-oppa// avarosa// junedestiny// sooyuaai// flameminteu// hhotaru// palebunni// soo-hyuks// desuktop// changjess// bowlcutgirl// kimp05// leebyungcock// zi-tan// tobepacific// ckingho// strawberryyrramune// exorants// soegogi// bakehun// neonjapan// noh-sehun// lyanree// boba-milk-tea// darwink// circuspanda// roll-like-a-buffallo

btw, y’all are sexy~

noooo Christina TT__TT </3

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Anyone going to KMF at the Hollywood Bowl?