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[140812] Wu Yi Fan to Act Alongside Han Geng and Joo Won in Chinese-Korean Film

It seems that Actor Wu Yi Fan isn’t pulling the brakes soon, as news came out today, August 12th, of his recent casting in a new film, along with former Super Junior member Han Geng, and popular South Korean actor Joo Won.
Wu, who has been filming for his acting debut film, ‘有一個地方只有我們知道 Somewhere Only We Know’ since June, is challenging acting once again shortly after finishing his first take on a role. According to Xu Jinglei herself, the cast, including Wu, is about to spend the last few days in Prague, Czech Republic, where the filming took place. Buzz about what Wu would take on next took over social networking sites upon this news, but it seemed the young man manages to always take his fans by surprise. Just today, August 12th, information about his recent casting alongside former Super Junior member Han Geng, and South Korean actor Joo Won came out in various Korean news sites.
The new film entitled ‘夏有乔木雅望天堂’, Chinese-Korean in nature, is adapted from a novel of the same title. Sources state that Wu would play a young man by the name of Xia Mu (which means Summer Wood). The character of Xia Mu, according to the novel, is characterized by Autism despite his ‘pretty boy’ appearance. This role aims to challenge Wu, as it takes on a complete turn from his previous role as Ze Yang from ‘有一個地方只有我們知道 Somewhere Only We Know.’ Han Geng, on the other hand, was cast last May. The author of the novel, also confirmed the good news by posting on his Weibo account, how his ‘mood felt really good’ today, signaling the wheels turning for his novel. The novel tells of a love story that involves three men and one woman. Wu will play one of three main leads along with Han Geng and Joo Won.
Filming including Wu Yi Fan is expected to start by the end of August, in Beijing. Meanwhile, Wu Yi Fan’s first movie, ‘有一個地方只有我們知道 Somewhere Only We Know’ is expected to be released in cinemas February next year. Currently, his solo song for Tiny Times 3 OST, ‘Time Boils the Rain (时间煮雨)’ is still making waves in Chinese music charts with millions of plays.

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